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Joe's Web Geeks' CloudWise Academy

Joe's Web Geeks' CloudWise Academy

Cloud Wise Academy is a technology school located in Redding California. It teaches accelerated training courses designed to help ordinary people begin exciting careers in technology.

Cloud Wise Academy was founded for a couple reasons:

We wanted to encourage Shasta County to become a more technological area. One of the biggest roadblocks to that goal was a lack of technology skill in the workforce. We want to help individuals change their lives. People come to Cloud Wise Academy seeking a different career. Sometimes they've suffered serious setbacks and need to get back on their feet. These classes were designed to give individual people a leg up in the tough economy of 2017. We wanted to teach professional skills without all the fluff. You don't need a computer science degree to code or build a website. We want to destroy the myth that you do.

We offer classes on basic web design, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Shopify, and other topics.

Cloud Wise Academy